industrial automatic pillow filling machine

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industrial automatic pillow filling machine

This machine adopts fully closed, beautiful appearance ,easy ans safe operation convenient transportation and installation. The roller needle cloth tension generated by the reverse operation of PP fiber and cotton opening, also has the same effect on the blanket ,bits and pieces of opening .


The machine is equipped with automatic transmission,compact structure ,low energy consumption , high yield (more than similar products 15%-20% per hour), two-dimensional, three-dimensional crimped hollow cotton above 6D  can be a one -time opening ,Is the production of toys ,cushion ,sofa , bedding manufacturers the ideal equipment .


Main Specifications :

Size :     2550*1500*1100mm

Voltage :  380v 50hz

Power :   7.5kw  1.1kw

Capacity:  550-600kg/h

Opening rate : 100%

Weight : 1500kg


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