Auto-Flip mattress Tape Edge Machine (BWB-4B)

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Main application and performance:

This machine is mainly for mattress tape edging, it is of more automatization than our others. It is characterized with adjustable elevation, work height on sewing head, as well as sewing speed. It adopts movable work table, PLC controlling, artificial intelligence,operation,auto moving, auto corner turning and upturning, work efficiency highly increased. Sewing hesd is able to auto up and down, slow down and repostion at mattress corner, avoiding 4 corners inner warp. Mattress 4 edges can be taped continuously, both upturning and previous position are qutomatic, while oly one operator request. With this machine, efficiency is highly increased while labour intensity greatly reduced.


Technical data:
1. Sewing head woek elevation:25°65°                                          
2. Convey speed of work tabe belt:0.14m/min
3. Available mattress thickness: 100-400mm                                      
4. Production effciency:16-20units/hour
5. Motor power: 3 KW                    
6. Air pressure:0.6-0.8Mpa
7. Work table size: 3750LX1980WX mm 
Pictures show:
After Service:


1.The machine is guaranteed for one year.

2.We can arrange engineer to debug and install for customers.

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