Cocoon Bobbin Winding Machine

We produce computerized machines, mechanical machines, multi needle machines, single needle machines, chain stitch machines, bobbin winders, and oblique cutting machines. For each kind of machine, we all provide a variety of models to meet the need of different customers, and new patterns are continuously designed up to meet the demands of the market.

Cocoon Bobbin Winding Machine
High quality,easy operation,competitive price ,our newly two bobbins and four bobbins.
1. Our machine installed High-speed bearing for operating bearings, enlarged the working fime, and makes the rounding thread axis rotational speed to 1400 round/min. Producing speed increase 1/3.
2. Mouth sheet added installation inputting knife, thread inputting automatically after thread shape installed .
3. As running speed fast, thread and thread supporting parts are cycling synchronously with the high-speed bearing.  This reduced the heat generated by friction, makes thread unconnected. hold the shape, not easy to broke.
No. of bobbins Feed in 70-120 bobbins for each time (automatically stop)
Motor 370W , 380V
N.W 70KG 
Measurement 860*640*430MM
Features Auto offer oil system is added, uniform filling for the thread, not easy
to offer the thread, more uniform pattern, more three-dimensional sense.
Function and Characteristics:
-Making bobbins (6#~10#) automatically
-Adjustable length, thickness and shape of bobbins
-One machine with two spindles that can wind two thread clews at the same time
Bobbin winding machine features:
1.Strong stability,can avoid the damage while unstable voltage.
2.High speed,winding area is away from contamination to enhance productivity.
3.Have many yarn automatic stop equipments,testing freely,and shallautomatically stop when yarn parking.
4.Adopt electronic counter,to control winding floors,for changing yarn easily.
5.The motor works stablly,to rank yarn,so the yarn shall be out easily,and will reduce the wastage of yarn.
After service:
1.The machine is guaranteed for one year.
2.we can arrange engineer to debug and install for customers


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