High Precision and Efficiency Stabilization Non-Glue Bonded Wadding Production Line for Making Rolls

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Cross Lapper:

Uses and Characteristics:To fold and pave the mesh after carding evenly into certain width and thickness.Then transfer it to next procedure after pressurization. All paving aprons are driven separately for easy adjustment.The reciprocal commutation is controlled by frequency conversion,and the rail is proof against oil leaking.


Main Specifications

Input apron width: 1700mm

Output apron width:2800mm

Lapping speed:≤45m/min

Total power:4Kw


Outfit machine:

It can be applied to any synthetic fiber, wool and quilt products of various sizes. It can be matched with non-woven carding machine and quilting machine to form quilt series of processing automatic production lines.


Inner width: 2700mm


Opening machine:

Inner width:1000mm

Mechanical size:2500mm*2000mm*800mm

Out put:150-180kg/h

Power:Motor 0.75kw 4 level one set(Laura feeding cotton)

            2.2kw 2level one set (Fan machine use)

            2.2kw 4level one set (Host opening)


Feeding machine:

Application: It is mainly used for loosening raw materials, and the cotton can also be combined with the loosening machine through the counterweight, and the middle is transported by the fan.



1. The amount of cotton entered by photoelectric control is basically uniform and the amount of cotton is stable.

2. Adopt the volumetric feeding mechanism to achieve uniform and continuous feeding.

3. The cotton roller and peeling roller are driven by the constant speed of the motor.


Inner width:1380mm

Out put:30  80kg/h

Power: Motor 1.1kw 4 level one set (Hairy and peeling roller)

            1.5kw 4 level one set (Angle nail curtain and Xiaoping curtain)


Carding machine:

Inner width:1550mm

Cylinder diameter:φ50mm/φ1020mm/φ1230mm

Doffer: Single and double doffer

Mechanical size:3000mm*2500mm*2800mm

Out put:80-150kg/h

Power:Motor 0.75kw 4 level one set(Cutter box)

            0.75kw 4 level one set (Roller speed adjust)

            1.5kw 4 level one set (Doffer speed adjust)

            5.5kw 4 level one set (Host Cylinder)


The performance of the whole production line for quilt


1, the speed governing system can be controlled by the speed control of the infinitely variable speed motor or the speed regulation by frequency converter.


2, the raw material can be used as chemical fiber, wool, hollow and so on.


3, electrical components use brand-name electrical appliances, light control switch adopts imported brand.


4. The total area of the machine is 11 meters -12 meters long and about 13 meters long.


5. The total power of the motor is 18kw-25kw.


6. The total weight of the whole machine is between 10 tons and -20 tons.

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