Lock stitch mattress tape edge machine

We produce computerized machines, mechanical machines, multi needle machines, single needle machines, chain stitch machines, bobbin winders, and oblique cutting machines. For each kind of machine, we all provide a variety of models to meet the need of different customers, and new patterns are continuously designed up to meet the demands of the market.

Good quality mattress machine, mattress tape edge sewing machine for sale overseas 


Corner speed auto slow down 



Sewing head type 

Lock stitch,Chain stitch


Working angle of the sewing head 



Sewing thickness range of mattress

30-400 mm


Table lifting Range    



Lifting of working table 



Size of the working table


Sewing head speed(r/min)

1100~3000 Select according to the type of sewing head

Carriage speed(m/min) 

 6~16 Select according to the type of sewing head


 10~20Select according to the type of sewing head

Motor type 

 Single,three-phase motor

Total power 


Total weight  



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