Round Non-Spindle Core Bobbin Thread Winding Machine

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Round Non-Spindle Core Bobbin Thread Winding Machine

Production Introduction:

The intelligent round bobbin thread winding machine is the latest product independently developed by our company. This machine is suitable for yarns of various materials. It has the advantages of good molding, high efficiency, simple operation, stable operation, convenient maintenance, safety and reliability. It is a new generation of traditional cored bobbin winding machine. From winding, forming, cut-ting and withdrawing, servo motor and mechanical arm are used to automatically complete, one-time molding, no need for secondary heating and shaping, intelligent design really liberates manpower, The oil filling part of the machine is sealed by sealed cast iron gear box, which makes the machine more durable, does not need oiling, and the working environment is cleaner.

Technology and Advantages:

1. The breakthrough design of four spindles for one machine has effectively improved the efficiencyServo motor and mechanical arm are used to automatically complete the winding, forming,cutting and withdrawing of wires. The intelligent equipment really liberates manpower, and a worker can see 20- -30 sets of equipment. It can save 75% of the production cost and improve  the profitability of the enterprise.
2. This product adopts a variety of relays, which can realize the functions of operation, stop, inching,return, line break alarm and stop, and effectively prevent the waste of resources.
3. This machine adopts the compact mode, which makes it small in size, light in weight, convenient in shifting, and effectively saves the floor space.
4. The running shaft of the machine is installed with high-speed bearing, which prolongs the service life.


Technical Parameters:

Winding speed:


Bobbin shape:






Net weight:


Gross weight:


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