Cotton Carding Machine

We produce computerized machines, mechanical machines, multi needle machines, single needle machines, chain stitch machines, bobbin winders, and oblique cutting machines. For each kind of machine, we all provide a variety of models to meet the need of different customers, and new patterns are continuously designed up to meet the demands of the market.

Technical details:
Working breadth:1800mm
Power:2.2kw 380V 0.75kw 380V
Use and Characteristics:
 Is the production of cotton,wool quilt,silk-yun was the best machine.The machine can be all kinds of chemical fiber,cotton 
and other raw materials comb opening.The aircraft are used for all sub-wheel bearings,while selection of high-quality clothing both out of cotton to improve quality improve service life.
Body rigidity is good,not easy to deformation.The machine running stable.
pleasing in appearance distinctive.

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