Export 66computerized multi needle quilting to Republic of Serbia KWCSeriesare controlled bycomputer,canmakeouthundredsofpatterns,andcanbeusedinclothing,bedding,sofaproductsarea. MEMORYBACKUP Savesmachinememoryincaseofpowerfailure,andpressrvespatternmemorywhenmachinepoweristurnedoff. SCALINTG,ROTATIONANDMIRRORIMAGE Enlargesorreducesthesizeofdesignverticallyorhorizontally,andiscapabletomakerotatingpatterns. EDITING Correctsdefectivedesignorenhancedexistingdesignwithoutrepunching.ThecolorCRTmonitorallowsyoutoeditquicklyandaccurately SAFETYDEVICE M/CstopsautomaticallyanddetailsforthecausesofstoparedisplayedontheCRTscreenwhenevertherehappensabnormalitiesoncomputer,servo-motorandormainbodyofM/C ERRORDETECTIONDISPLAY Errormassagesaredisplayedon themonitoruntiltheconditionincorrected 1 2 COLORCRTMONITOR Bycolormonitor.Showsinformationoncurrent j obgraphicallyandbystatusmessage (eg.,stitchesnumber,coordinatevalue,etc.) Themachine hold 200 PatternsandhaveUSBInterfaces Specification ControlType NC simultaneous2-axiscontrol,linear/arcinterpolation Motor Servo Motor StitchType Shuttle Shuttle 7# 10# Needle EB*16-*21 WorkingSpeed 400-600R/M PowerSupply 380V Power Consumption 5.4 kw Model workingwidth needle needlerows carriagestroke Dimension(m) width length height KW 6 4 C 6 4( 162 cm) 1 2 8(1pitch) 2 or3 12(30cm) 1.750 4. 06 0 1.900 KW94 C 94(238cm) 188(1pitch) 4. 80 0 KW 118 C 118 (2 99 cm) 236 (1pitch) 5.43 0 Model 7# 10# needle cranklehook tool pattern shuttle Shuttleshelf shuttle Shuttleshelf KW 6 4C 140 Pcs 7 0Pcs 140 Pcs 7 0Pcs 3 00EA 35 EA 1SET 100 EA KW 94C 200Pcs 100Pcs 200Pcs 100Pcs 400EA 50EA KW 118 C 2 50 Pcs 1 25 Pcs 2 5 0Pcs 1 25 Pcs 5 00EA 65 EA

Export Bonnell Spring Machine to America Technical Data Spring Type twin cones Capacity 80/min Spring End Ring 62- 95mm Steel Wire Gauge 1.8- 2.4mm Spring Height 80-190mm( 190-210mm) Convo Lutions 4-7 Main Drive Power 4KVA Swift Frame Power 2.2KVA Heat Treatment 15KVA Weight 2730KG Power Requirement 380V, 50-60HZ ( 415V-480V , 220V ) The machine is tutomatic equipment which specially combines coil and knot spring for soft-furnture.and it is easy to be operated safeguarded and high in productivity low in labor. With controlled by computer,therefore guaranteed operation of main engine. Technical Data Productivity 60-80/hour Net maximum width 2m String Spring Wire Diameter 1.3-1.6mm Spring Wire Diameter 1.9-2.4mm Spring Caliber 55mm : 53-55mm 60mm: 58-60mm 68mm: 65-70mm 78mm: 70-76mm 88mm: 76-85mm Spring Height 60-200mm 80-220mm Power Suply 3Phase,380V,50Hz Total Power 4.5kw Dimensions 3100960x1900mm Weight 1050kg 1.This machine only needs a Small footprint, one worker can operate and save cost. 2. The size of spring bed mesh, steel wire diameter,spring diameter and height can be changed within a certain range. 3.It Can realize upper and lower string spring, and when the string spring forward is blocked, it can automatically protect the stop, and after the coil spring is in place, the cutting receiver can be moved and a row of spring or forward row spring is introduced. 4. The automatic cutting and bending of the string spring can be realized. 5. The bed network automatically moves forward, and the coil spring can stop automatically when the spring is blocked. 6. The number of spring rows can be set by computer, and the whole spring bed network can be automatically launched after completion. 7. There is no need for air compressor to operate. The automatic lubrication system extends the service life of the machine, and rarely needs to be maintained and replaced. 8. Thisproduct can achieve a machine work multiple models and specifications of the bed net, a machine can be able to achieve 1 meter. 1.2 meters, 1.5 meters, 1.8 meters, 2 meters of bed net, once formed. without the mold. 9.It Can provide different specifications of fixture accessories according to customer processing requirements.

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